Plugin store functional...?

Hello, everyone!
Does anyone know if plugin store is functional or is it just not working for me? All paid plugins appear in my Mod Duo X plugin store as “trial only” and can’t buy them except for one only. Is the plugin server still down? Probably the status of the plugin store is mentioned somewhere on the forum but I didn’t find any info about that. Thanx.

This same is with my duox, so I suppose there is still no possibility of buying paid plugins.

The store is already live, but you still can’t buy plugins.
This is not really for technical reasons, yet bureaucratic. The contracts with the plugin developers were made by MOD Devices and now the contracts need to be re-done with MOD Audio.


any idea how long this will be? I was just trying out the Marshall amp sim, absolutely loving it and intending to buy it, but can’t! gah! :smiley:


cant give estimate on that, only “soon”.
that said, today we confirmed a release update is required in order to buy plugins. so when v1.12 is finalized and released, it should come with the store access to buy plugins again.