Plugin artwork?

@James You are absolutely right. I did not spend that much time in the graphics, it is more a sketch. I did it in Blender, Gimp and Inkscape (all OpenSource). :smiley:


Maybe I should have used open source software in my references. Let’s just say

Pixel based editors:
Photoshop, Gimp etc

Vector based editors:
Illustrator, Inkscape etc

3D Editors:
Blender, Cinema 4D, Keyshot etc


@Kim I love a few things on your post. The spirit of community, the willingness to help, the immediate bring to the table some clear ideas and…the frog with its eyes haha

I’m totally into this idea as well

@Jon Ok, let me try this… I don’t have the files with me now but I already have an idea. I will get back after finishing a sketch.


Wow, how nice is that!! What a nice idea. Really love it and will already use that one.

Well, yes, . .



Ok, I’ll shelve the amp head style idea?
(Good thing I didn’t start designing yesterday based on my mockup)

@LievenDV oh sorry Lieven. I didn’t want to jump the queue. I hadn’t read that you were also doing something.

Nope, love your mockup as well and would use it as it is already as well. Both mockups are fare better then what I could come up with. While I love the metallic design of:
I love as well the colours of the frog pedal. Sorry guys, I don’t know what to do now.
I’m very proud that you guys offers to help me out of my limited graphic design skills, and wouldn’t make a competition out of it.


But still I’m eager to hear what you think about the sound of the frog. :metal:


No worries, my reply with the mock-up was on an odd place, as it was a follow up on @brummer referring to the amp in the MetalTone thread.

It’s cool to see you are willing to help with front end designs as well; Brummer (and every other dev’er) has options now :wink:

@brummer : I’ve been experimenting with it with the dwarf on my desk and a guitar DI signal (prerecorded) and I hope to give it a live spin with my guitar real soon…family sleeping, day-trip,… I wanna jam! :smiley:

I have some first feedback ready but I need to check some of my own gear to be complete

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I again created two designs. I had a few more ideas that I wanted to put into them. @James, @Jon: It’s an amp head now :slight_smile:

The first design is the well-known frog. I saw a conceptual problem with the knobs. I wanted to avoid them being conceptually unbound, so they are now flowers. :slight_smile:

The second design: Here the frog literally has everything under control. That’s why he fiddles with all the knobs at the same time.

Which one do you like better? Whit which one shall I proceed… or, shall I proceed?


yooooooo these are really cool!! super creative
I think I like the bottom one slightly more. The frog looks like a tough frog that is a fan of fat tones haha
From a control layout point of view I would say maybe it would be good to put the master on the right side just so it’s consistent with other amps that people are familiar with.
It’s a great concept, nice work man


Many thanks, James! Yes, some rearrangements are still necessary. I also want to tweak the frog a bit so that each finger gets a knob in a bit more sorted manner. Let me try…


Where did you get the frog image from? is it royalty free and free to distribute?

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Since the frog design is being iterated already, I’ll shelve my more conventional amp design.


You mentioned you could use designs for some other plugins as well? File recorders, the fuzz etc.
Let me know which one I should try first.

@ the others
Following up on my original post; are there other plugins that would benefit from a make-over?


You are asking the question too early, it is still only a design proposal and the frog is not yet ideal (he must look straight forward). I am waiting for brummer to say which design he wants. When brummer has decided on a design, I will finish it and then, of course, only permitted material will be used. But this one is permitted for personal use already.

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Here is the final design for the second design proposal (@James completely royalty free :smiley:). Now all parts are in a system, well sorted and alligned.
Please tell me if this is fine for you, then I will finish all parts.

I can take out the cigarette again, if this is too foolish (I like it, to be honest). :smiley:


If it’s a fat frog should it have food in its mouth? :wink:


I dig both designs! Very different from the rest. Cigarette is not my thing, tbh. Even frogs shouln’t do it… it can reduce their sperm count thus have a negative impact on their procreation. :slight_smile: