Plugin Arpeggiator vs Sysex


In standalone, when a Sysex from my master keyboard is sent to the mod-devel / arpeggiator v.1: 1.1-3 plugin the Mod Duo X freezes, it becomes unresponsive. If I am connected locally with the browser, I am disconnected, but I can reload the page.

How to reproduce

Load the Arpeggiator plugin, connect it to the Hardware ALL MIDI In
Connect the MIDI master keyboard through the USB port
Send a Sysex

Expected/suggested solution

This problem bothers me because I cannot configure my master keyboard otherwise, these are 4 non-configurable keys that I cannot do without (Shift, change of pad, octave- and octave +).

Additional information

  • release: v1.10.0
  • controller: 09D8F14

Thanks for the report @ADTL! Apparently, you found a bug that we were not aware of.
The dev team is already investigating

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@ADTL In the meantime, you could do the following as a temporary fix:

This filters out all SYSEX messages and prevents them from being sent to the Arpeggiator :slight_smile:



Hello. Very good idea, it works perfectly! Thank you so much.
I just noticed one thing, I didn’t know that when you connect a keyboard in USB there is no need to connect the MIDI patch, that is to say that as in my screenshot below, I can play with all this pedalboard as is. The “Hardware All MIDI IN” can only be used with a connection to a MIDI device? Thank you.

That is the “aggregated” midi mode, where all midi ins go through the same single cable, same applies to midi out.
You can click on the “MIDI” button in the bottom if you like to change to “separated” mode, which allows to connect different MIDI inputs to different things.
The default being “aggregated” just makes more sense, and it is easier to get things to work.