Plugdata - new PD editor that can create LV2 plugins

Yesterday we released plugdata v0.6.3 which has integration with heavy/hvcc → Release v0.6.3 · plugdata-team/plugdata · GitHub

Plugdata is a new interface and user experience for pure data, that can also run as a plugin.

It includes a Compiled mode that will warn you when you use incompatible objects. After which you can retrieve the compiler toolchain for your platform (about 1.5GB) and then either export just C++ code, flash a Daisy device or output plugins created with DPF.

You can then either compile your plugin (for your current OS) or just output the plugin code. In the case of MOD we have not integrated the full toolchains, since that would make the complete toolchain much too big, so use the Source code output and then continue as you would any C++ project.

Would love to hear what people think about this integration and what you come up with for new plugins.

Do note that the created plugins do not include any graphical interface (yet), those will have to be created separately.


Even though I’m not completely digitally challenged (Digital marketeer with history in webdev),
I can’t really asses which opportunities arise here.

Could you come up with a brief example of an application of this tech?


The “application” is that you can write LV2 plugins using Pure Data.

The advantage of using plugdata is that you no longer have to install python, hvcc, compilers, etc. and can generate plugins directly from the editor. And of course it can run as a plugin inside your DAW! This can help a lot with prototyping and create a faster workflow.

It is still possible to simply save the patch and use the “traditional” toolchain for creating the C++ code, but plugdata makes all of these steps just slightly easier and more streamlined.

Essentially it’s becoming an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for Pure Data. Something that is not possible with the traditional PD interface.


oh darn, a whole new world opens for me.

I had never heard of Pure Data, I was unaware this was a proper name.
The name witohut caps confused me, an experience that reminded me when I discovered Processing. Confusing :smiley:

The exhibition page of Pure Data gives a brief glance at its potential and when putting 1 and 1 together with what you write, I’m starting to see the potential here.

Very interesting and thanks for explaining!


Haha, well that’s what this subforum is about!

MaxMSP - MOD Audio Forum is about the other patching environment and integration with MOD (which actually shares a close history with PD).

It would be interesting to set up a cloud environment for MOD, where you can push the LV2 code generated in plugdata and it will compile and flash the plugin to your device. Similar to how Max/MSP and gen~ integration work.

@jon can I ping you to put this idea on some roadmap? :wink:


On the roadmap not really since I can’t decide that by myself :sweat_smile:
But I think you meant on the requests list and that sure I can :wink:


And we have v0.6.4 update with a bunch of bugfixes already: Release v0.6.4 · plugdata-team/plugdata · GitHub


Thanks a lot for this @dreamer !

Looking forward to giving it a try, hopefully this week, but I have been craving a more modern UI for working with PD, so really appreciate it :slight_smile:


Could it be possible to run Plugdata editor as an lv2 plugin on the MOD platform at some point? I have no idea what it would require on the developer’s end to make it happen but this would be amazing and a totally new angle on using MOD stuff.

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No, not in the near future. It’s currently not possible to run plugdata headless or use it remotely.
This would all require significant development efforts which at the moment are very unlikely.

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Ok, thanks. Something like Max MODwatcher for Plugdata would also be really great. Hopefully at some point!

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Yes including the full MOD toolchain would be a bit too much (current toolchain for plugdata is already 1.5G), but some sort of similar service as MODwatcher would be a good compromise. Maybe in the future :slight_smile: