Plug-in or pedal board for eh B9 ish sounds?

Is there a plug-in or pedal board out there that does electro harmonix b9 style organ sounds . ?


To my knowledge the only way to get Hammond B3 sounds out of the MOD are with the SetBfree pedal/plugin which takes MIDI input only not Audio. There are a couple of Leslie emulation pedals that are quite good and can make your guitar more organ-like but nothing that takes the Audio signal of your guitar and outputs it with Hammond B3 sounds like the EHX pedals (that I know of anyway)…

Perhaps the addition of a polyphonic realtime Audio to MIDI converter pedal will be possible someday and enable any MIDI instrument in the Duo to be played from your guitar strings… Whaddaya say MOD developers!??


I’ve heard pedal setups using a combo of Leslie , flanger ( or maybe chorus ) and ( harmonizer ) that sound organ-y . Nothing as nice as the b9 but still nice . So if anyone has seen mod pedalboard setup like that ?

Last night I was testing out some of the new commercial plugins. In particular, the new Shiroverb MkII has a harmonizing feature and you can adjust params to get some organ-ish swells. I was playing around with different combinations of mixing chorus into the reverb and it sounds nice to me.*

A more exotic option could be the new WOV Maybe start with one of the traditional sounding tremelo presets and start adjusting parameters*

* I have no idea what I’m talking about

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I did one here quite a while ago:

It’s mostly relying on the Leslie and rolling the guitar tone back with playing fingerstyle, I’m sure some of the other effects like what @unbracketed mentioned might get you a bit closer to Hammondville…

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