Pleasant Fuzzant | Fuzz in the style of Wampler Velvet Fuzz


Hi everybody,

I re-amped my Wampler Velvet Fuzz
Serttings: non with style:“tight”
Standard CPU load

Pleasant-Fuzzant-fuzz-tight.json (53.5 KB)


Wow @LievenDV You are really very hardworking. Unfortunately, I’m in Switzerland for two days on business, but I’m looking forward to testing your results extensively this weekend. Thanks for the effort you make!

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Some days off, kids gaming, wife at work …me optimizing my modelling workflow :smiley:
Glad I could offer something to the community.

Was right in the middle of giving the Emmisary (“Diplomacy”) amp a new go to reduce the noise :smiley:


Very good! Looking forward to that


The AIDA-X team has release the AIDA-X Cloud:

Would you upload these models there? :pray:

I tried to upload a JSON file yesterday night (it was late) and it didn’t recognize it as a model.
Do I need to rename the extension to something else?

You do need to rename them to .aidax instead of .json

There is also some nomenclature convention that they want to adopt.

@spunktsch is it being enforced?

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