Player and recording options

I noticed there is the useful file player plugin (Audio File) which can be added to the pedalboard however there does not seem to be a way to select between uploaded list of files (correct me if i am wrong).
Is this something you have in the pipeline to be added?

Are there any other options to playback files?

In the same way I was also looking for a way to record audio sessions on the Dwarf itself…
thanks for any feedback


There are recorders in the Beta store:


that’s cool. thanks. I have enabled the beta shop and I will give it a go!


Do you mean select files from different folders?
If yes, that’s kind of blocked on purpose (as far as I know), so different plugins can have access to different folders that correspond better with the plugin function. Something like: a sampler access the samples folder, a looper the loop folder, a recorder the records folder, etc.


I meant being able to select files by assigning them and controlling them (like play, stop, move forward or backwards within the list) via a knob/switch. That’s very useful in a live situation so the dwarf does not need to be plugged in.
It would be sufficient to have such option for the “tracks” tab, not necessarily the ability to switch between tabs (like from tracks to loops for example) however if also this was possible it would be a pro.


Ah you mean on the Audio File player.
The plugin was simply not developed with that in mind, but I can understand the need.
We already had a few requests for that. I will map yours as well.


Just want to say that I have tried the recorder and it works great it fits the purpose perfectly.