Plans for controlling multiple MOD units in a single GUI instance?

Hey there,

I’m obviously on the MOD train, and am loving it.

I love it so much that I have a second unit coming soon.

I know that the team is super busy trying to handle supply and programming the next firmware release, I’m really looking forward to it.

I am going to be faced with a predicament in my set up, as I fully plan to use both units in my setup simultaneously.

According to the legendary João, in this thread: (New plugin - RMPro from ReMasterMedia - #9 by jon) the GUI capabilities for controlling two devices currently will require two connections with two browser instances (different I.P. Addresses) to operate.

My setup is controlled primarily by a single iPad, which means I’ll have to rely on some split screen wizardry to control both devices with a live GUI instance. My screen real estate is pretty limited, so this will be pretty sub optimal for me at the current time.

I am wondering if there are any plans in the development roadmap to allow two devices to link together, and be represented in a single GUI.

Either by daisy chaining the devices through USB, with one “master” device that can still connect to the GUI through USB or Bluetooth, or a control chain option to link and potentially share processing resources?

I have zero programming knowledge, and my Linux experience was largely focused on making my desktop look clean and minimal; so I’m not sure if this is a possibility at all.

But it might be a huge quality of life improvement for people who begin to invest heavily into the MOD Platform as it continues to mature.

Hope you all are doing well!

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2 devices working together via USB is solvable, just a big technical challenge.

having them both in a single GUI is something we have never considered tbh, I dont even know how this can work…


Thanks for the answer, Falk.

I figured it’d be a pretty big request and a massive technical hurdle.

In my mind I was visualizing that when the devices linked, the added I/O would pop up in the GUI; and the plug-in list would be shared across both devices.

However, thinking about it, that means both CPU usages would need to be monitored and displayed; unless somehow when linked the secondary device could share its processing power with the main unit. Sort of like how you can run SLI on two graphics cards in a PC.

Any chance that if the linking can accomplished, having the GUI be page tabbed?

So instead of needing to have one GUI for all I/O, a second instance running in the background that can easily be flipped over to without a page refresh?

I generally map all pedals on the physical unit so I don’t necessarily need to utilize the GUI, but for the initial board builds, having to run two separate browser instances on different I.P. addresses will take a considerable amount of time to work with.

It would be better if it was technically possible to have several devices working as one (1 server / X client) which combine computing power via network. When compiling (gcc) with Gentoo I had done this with


Thanks for that info!

I mentioned something similar to that in the first post, but not as eloquently or as technically as you just did.

Sounds like the technology is possible, but it’ll largely be down to if the devices and MOD platform have the ability to function that way?

This is all over my head, but I’m glad that there are people who can figure this stuff out haha

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