Pin or unpin?

Just a little detail I found playing with the mod. When I first open the UI on my computer, all the pedals available appear at the bottom. Which is good. It is pinned so it does not minimize.

Am I the only one to prefer the exact opposite?

It takes up a large portion of the screen and I would much prefer to have it default unpinned and just pin it shut if I would need it like that.

So the first thing I always do when opening the UI is to unpin it so it will minimize.

Just a little detail. No biggie :slight_smile:



A nice solution would be if the MOD would remember the last setting (maybe even per pedalboard).


Remembering globally would be quite easy…


The idea “per pedalboard” was to allow the default pedalboard to have it pinned. If you create a new pedalboard, you do want to add FX and having the pane pinned helps. But I can see that it can become a lot more complicated.

Remembering it globally (last used setting is what is used on next page load) will cover > 95% and if that’s “quite easy” the better. @acunha should this become a ticket on the issue tracker, or can you take it from here?

Thanks for listening.


@x42 precisely

This seems like an easy and sensible option (remembering last state).
Added to the list of features for v1.3. :slight_smile:


Now implemented in mod-ui.
Will be available in v1.3.

And the “developer mode” is now persistent too.

We added a preferences file to save this kind of user settings.
We can add more easily later on.