Is MOD in contact with MODARTT for their commercial plugin endeavors?

I’m just curious.

Would be nice to have Pianoteq on the MOD connected to my piano conttroller.
They already provide an LV2 plugin (although it is a bit broken, I’m afraid), so it may be feasible to port it to armv7h.
It may need too much CPU, though, but one would need to try to tell…

Considering that my main i7 cpu sometimes has issues dealing with pianoteq, I really don’t think the MOD will handle it.
Maybe a specially crafted version, but to answer your question: no, we have not contacted Modartt about it.

yes, too heavy, I guess…

Would be great if we could get Pianoteq onto the Mod Dwarf/ModX!

Got it run on Raspberry Pi 3&4 and no problem of cpu. Tried to install manually on modduo but missing some library or others files to run. So…

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The Duo is not strong enough to run pianoteq.
Duo X might be, but it uses a different architecture not compatible with official binaries, so we are not able to find that out for now.

Works great on Duo X btw (needs custom firmware) and I think it’ll run fine on Dwarf.

Just bought a license (because why not. I want to support companies that support my systems: Linux and LV2) so will do more trials the coming months.


I’m looking into a MOD Dwarf to use, among other things, as a “Pianoteq Box”; any updates on whether or not this might work?

@dreamer: what did you do to run it on the Duo X?

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We did a few tries with Pianoteq on top of a custom MOD OS image.
It mostly works on the Duo X, not really usable on Dwarf.


Yeah for DuoX it needs a custom OS because of the system version.
I would’ve expected it to run on Dwarf as well (I don’t have one yet) as the performance was quite reasonable. And people run it on raspberry pi’s that are much less optimized.

It sounds like Pianoteq works on Duo X. Has anybody gotten it to work on the Dwarf? @falkTX had mentioned it was not usable on the Dwarf in 2021. Will that always be the case or has something changed that might make that possible?

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