Phase flip plug-in

Is there a phase flip plug-in? I’m making some stereo patches for my guitar and a phase invert plug-in could be useful… Are there other way to solve some phase issue?

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Hey @al_bern,

Try to check over on the beta section.
There’s the Invada Input Module or the Inverter. Maybe they do what you need.

Thanks for the reply, where should i go to install the beta plug-ins?

On the Plugin Store, you have a tab to show the beta plugins. Learn more here

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Ok now I see it; I had to check the “show beta plugin” option in the settings page. Thanks


The Invada’s Input Module is the plug-in I was searching for, it works great! Thanks for the feedback @jon, problem solved!


I can’t seem to find either of these plugins when searching; I’ve enabled Beta plugins also. Are there other alternatives and I’m just not seeing them?

Most likely you are just not seeing them.
Are you searching in the Plugin Store? You need first to install them from the Plugin Store. They will not appear in the plugin list otherwise.

Hi Jon.

Yes, I can confirm this is by searching from the plugin store.

You find none of them?
Check if you don’t have any typo or any other filter applied there. It should appear. Try also to type less letters and double check the beta toggle on the WebGUI settings.

Ok, now I feel like a clown because they are showing up. For what it’s worth, I can assure you I was searching with the beta plugins checked previously. I always check this before searching the store to ensure I see everything. If it happens again I’ll try another browser and see if the issue recurs or if it really is user error!

Oh no worries. It could even be something happening with your browser or with your connection to the internet.
Happy that you managed to get it working :slight_smile: