Persistence of connections to USBMidi ports AND "All MIDI Out"

Sorry for the long message, I am trying to be as clear as I can.

I need some help about the “MIDI Out” ports.

I am trying to have my pedalboard sending the current snapshot ID to an external MIDI device on USB using mindi and some CV

On this pedalboard I see one MIDI output port for each connected device, which is fine.

I connect mindi to my device and can see the messages delivered to it. I am happy, and I save the pedalboard.


BUT, after a reboot of the DWARF or a reconnection of the device the output port of the controller is not always shown (50% of chances?), and even if it is the connection from the mindi to is is never re-established (no blue cable between the two).

On the other hand, while taking some screenshot to write this message, I noticed that if I create a new, empty pedalboard, instead of having one port per device, there is only one MIDI output port named “Hardware All MIDI Out”. In this scenario connecting and reconnecting the external device works flawlessly.

So, can you help me achieving a persistent connection between a plugin and an USBMidi device?
I would prefer having a stable, per single port, connection, but if this is not feasible having the “Hardware All MIDI Out” presented on my pedalboard could work, too. How could I get it?

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When you save your pedalboard without the midi controller plugged, it automatically (sadly) forgets the midi connections… It maybe this ?

When you create a pedalboard the way midi ins and outs are configured as the default : all together in one single in and out.

Hope this helps


I have saved the pedalboard when the controller was connected, so it is not the case

And, there is a way to switch between the “default” single I/O layout and the “multiple port” one?

Maybe modifying the pedalboard TTL file? I really hope I won’t have to start mi pedalboard from scratch

Yep, in the bottom area, where you change the tempo and other things (with the webUI)


D’OH! Awesome! :smiley:
it was just under my nose… thanks

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Your’re welcome