Pedals pt2

I made a few more pedal captures.Hope you like them!
They are all clones except the Bogner.
King of tone Clone Both.json (170.7 KB)
Protein CLone.json (170.5 KB)
Revv G3 g8.json (170.5 KB)
Supro Bold G9.json (170.7 KB)
Thorpy Peacekeeper.json (170.2 KB)
Bogner XTC High new.json (170.2 KB)
Bogner XTC Medium new.json (170.6 KB)
Colombo Plexi breed.json (170.9 KB)
Ethos TWE-1.json (170.4 KB)
JHS AT Clone 50w EP pre G6.json (170.7 KB)