Pedals for sale for musicians and vocalists (Strymon, Wampler, TC Electronic, etc.)

Because I need some cash to cover some health related costs, I’m selling off some of my favourite pedals.

I’m posting here FIRST to give you guys the first chance.

It’s in Dutch but you’ll get the video’s and pricetag.
Shipping only to Europe Main land (sorry, can’t take the risks except when somebody really wants it…we can talk)

Prices should be interesting already so I’m going to go into haggle mode


Hello @LievenDV

Do you still have the Senheisser 606e mic?
If yes can you deliver to an address in Germany?


I still have it,
Shipping would be about €9

I will find out the correct address and inform you.
How could I send you the payment?

Paypal or bank tranfer, it’s best to continue in private messages from here.