Mod Duo and Duo X uses the same plugins and shared pedalboards, am I correct? Reason I ask is when I download some shared pedalboards from the site, the CPU usage is more than 100% and some can’t even produce sounds unless I delete some plugins.

Is there a way to distinguish between Mod Duo pedalboard vs Duo X pedalboard before I download?

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Not yet, but we already tag the device information in the pedalboards.
We have plans to update the pedalboard view and make this information visible, maybe even a warning if trying to load a Duo X pedalboard in the Duo (or Dwarf even)


That would be great. Also would loading a CPU hungry pedalboard damage the Mod Duo at all?

No, but it might enter a unrecoverable state until a power switch (because audio takes priority, but it simply cannot keep up)
There are some theoretical solutions to try to prevent this, but we do not have such thing in place yet.

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Thanks for answering the question. I guess I have to be careful when downloading pedalboards.