Pedalboards with ModDuo/ModDuoX/Dwarf tags

Since ModDuo, ModDuoX and Dwarf use different hardware (among other things CPU) it would make sense to automatically tag the self-created pedalboards or to divide the 3 (ModDuo, ModDuoX and Dwarf) into different catogories in

A ModDuo could be overwhelmed with the pedalboards created in a ModDuoX/Dwarf.


This is indeed a really good suggestion @khz! It makes total sense from my perspective. This way you avoid loading a pedalboard way too heavy to the Duo or with things that make no sense for other devices rather than the one it was created.
Iā€™m saving a list of improvement suggestions from the community and this one will go there. The idea is to time to time, sit down, take a look at them and discuss them with the dev team.
Thanks again


We already save this information when you save a pedalboard. The cloud side just needs to be updated to that take into account.
So when this happens, it will be retro-active, because the information is already there.