Pedalboards "try" by dns name

Hi team,

Currently I tend to use my MOD DUO X device being connected to my home wifi network, and its webui is being available by modduox.local dns address just fine via browser
I can install plugins, updates that way.
However functionality of ( breaks when accessing via wifi:


As far as I can see from the network log, browser tries to reach several IP addresses (usb tethering address, bluetooth address and one I do not know) but none of them belong to my local network.

Therefore, to try pedalboard from the site I have to plug in a usb cable, especially for this particular case.

Can it also try modduox.local dns address? Issue is not that big deal, but at the first glance it does not look very complex to add a dns name to the list of addresses to try, if there are no hidden scary stories and complications behind absence of dns name in the try-list in the first place.

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