Pedalboards and TouchOSC

This is a carry over from this post: Giving myself a pat on the back

I am in the process of working out TouchOSC and how it links to a MOD Dwarf.

For those who don’t know, TouchOSC is an app that allows MIDI/OSC commands to be sent from a Windows/Apple/Android/Linux device with a screen to control other devices. I’ve used it to control a few pedalboards on a Dwarf.

If anyone is interested I have put a video on the basics of linking the two here MOD Dwarf TouchOSC - YouTube

I have set up a Google Drive for sharing TouchOSC control screens here:

I have so far shared two pedalboards and two linked TouchOSC control surfaces, the first is the one that is seen in the demo video, so you can download it and play with it to your hearts content OSC Demo - Shaggy - MOD Devices

The second is a more complex board that has 4 SooperLoopers that are in parallel. Explaining the basics of the board, the play and record functions of each looper is controlled by a CV box which is linked to the pedals on the first page of the Dwarf - this means that with one click all four are set to play or record. The input to each looper in controlled by a 4 way switch, which means that only the channel that is live will record a signal. This means that all 4 loops are the same length, even before they have a signal on them. Each channel can be recorded, and the undo/redo button on each channel will go back to an empty channel if needed! There is a 4 way mixer on the output. The only annoyance is that each channel needs to be reset individually, as it is not possible to link the reset command on the sooperlooper to either CV or MIDI - so when you want to start a new piece you need to press 4 resets on pages 2 and 3 of the Dwarf. Please note that if you press reset on any channel on it’s own it will no longer be synchronised with the other 3! That pedalboard is here: OSC 4 way looper - Shaggy - MOD Devices

If anyone has any ideas, or wants to share their TouchOSC creations you should be able to copy TOSC files into the Google Drive yourselves.


Thanks for sharing this detailed explanation with sources for the community :slight_smile:

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Thanks Jon. I believe that TouchOSC fits in really nicely with MOD in certain situations, I’m thinking perhaps @solobasssteve (yes, I’m a bass player, yes I belong to SBL!) and similar might like it along with others using MOD and other controllable kit for solo performance.


I can’t wait to watch what the “low end guys” get out of similar setups. Go ahead and share those videos :wink:

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I have used TouchOSC with the MOD in the past (I had it rigged up to my Duo before I got the DuoX with all its amazing knobs and buttons!) - it worked beautifully using Androids MIDI over USB protocol. I can’t remember if there are any videos of me using it specifically, but when I get a chance I’ll have a look.

With the DuoX it’s not really something I need at the moment (the only thing I could do with more of right now is expression pedals :smiley: )


I’ve still got to get into expression pedals, any recommendations? I’ve been thinking of building one using the Arduino Shield, but that seems to have vanished from the “buy one of these” area!

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I have one hooked up to my Softstep and one into the CV/EXP socket on the DuoX. I think there are some that are just USB midi straight in, but I’ve not investigated them further…

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Simon - dont worry too much regarding arduino shield etc. I have posted something on another thread about the same thing and where to look for ideas.

Im away this week but when I get back I will try and do a walk thru on how to do it with an arduino nano which cost about £3, couple of resistors and some sockets.

Will also post some general TouchOSC layouts for you to try on my behalf to see if they work.

Keep up the good work appreciate you getting stuck in


To be honest I’m loving the chance to do something with an end result! We’ll see where it goes . . .

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I’ve just put up another 4 way looper, this time with a small set of drum pads connected to it - so now you can get your rhythm going on the first loop and then add in whatever you want on the others - or overdub when 4 just isn’t enough! Pedalboard here: OSC 4 way looper with drums - Shaggy - MOD Devices and TouchOSC directory still here; TouchOSC controls for MOD - Google Drive


Boss recently announced a new one with all sorts of connections (including Bluetooth MIDI) - BOSS EV-1 WL

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