Pedalboard within a pedalboard

Simple idea, probably hell to implement:

Literally import a pedalboard into your existing pedalboard to use as a plugin. Obviously, resource heavy, but also very useful.


I think this is requested two or three times a week - but would be a great feature.


Something along those lines is already in the works. Not necessarily entire pedalboards, but preconfigured “blocks” of multiple plugins.


Yeah as the guys said, it does get requested regularly and we also really want to do it, at least @jesse and I believe that it’s one of the most important features we could add right now. It’s just a matter of when. I hope soon


It’s good that you posted this topic though! it shows that there is demand for it and that many people have come to the same conclusion as you without seeing the prior suggestions. It makes it easier to allocate time and resources to it


An alternative to the somewhat-written-down plan we have for “pedalboard blocks” is to expose full pedalboards as plugins too.
Both approaches are cool, each has their own advantages and disadvantages.

Commenting just to mention the “fun fact” that the current pedalboard save format was chosen to be the same as the one in Ingen so we could eventually use it as plugin and have it load pedalboards as its own project/session file.
We never actually tried though, and format has deviated a bit from the original as we kept adding features.
But it is an idea at least I want to try to revisit someday.