Pedalboard Switching with MIDI question

Hello Everyone,
I am trying to determine if something is possible on the MOD Dwarf. I have a pedal board with 3 individual DIE Fluid Synth paths, one for each sound I am trying to switch between. My midi controller can send CC messages and are of the latch variety, meaning once they are selected they stay on until I unselect that button. I want to be able to toggle between the 3 synth paths without having to unselect (on my physical pedal board) the previous synth I was using. I don’t care if the button on the physical pedalboard is latched or not latched, I just care that when pressed it selects that synth path. I have tried many variations of using “control to CV”, various switchboxes, ToggleSwitch4, Volume, etc. but have not come up with anything that works. Any ideas?

That is doable, @mmaliszewski. I am sadly unable to help you this moment, but if you share a pedalboard with the paths and indicate where the switching is supposed to happen, I can give it a work at a later time. Doesn’t have to be a full pedalboard, just the bit you need to sort out.

I’m away from my Mod now, sorry.

Are you able to edit your MIDI controller to send PC messages instead of CC? If so, this sounds like it is doable using Snapshots.

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Thanks QuestionMarc. I will try to figure out how to share a pedalboard this evening and if I can get to that point I will reply back to this message.

Thanks unbracketed. Snapshots may work for me as a back up option. I currently have my pedal boards in organized in Banks and am not sure how that will change things if I switch up program changes to work with Snapshots instead. I will keep looking but your solution may work. Thanks again.

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Snapshots and Pedalboards are actually changed on different midi channels, so you can change pedalboards using program change messages on one channel, and you can change snapshots on another one.

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