Pedalboard Snapshots - Display doesn't show current snapname when changed via MIDI or WebGui


When having assigned the Snapshots to a Knob or Footswitch at the Mod, the display doesn’t show the current snapshot, if it was changed via MIDI Program Change or via the WebGui.

How to reproduce

  1. Create some peadalboard snapshots
  2. Assign the Load/Manage to Knob or Footswitch
  3. Check that the snapshots work (best by using different sounds)
  4. Load those snapshots via external MIDI Program Change messages.

Expected/suggested solution

Display should show the active Snapshot also when loaded via MIDI

Additional information

Open the controller menu (hold left knob down), navigate to Info > Versions and write down here the versions.

  • release: V1.8.5
  • controller: 2A34C73

Hello, I can confirm that the display is not updating snapshots when changed via MIDI Program Change or via the WebGui. Will file this; Thanks for your feedback.

Thanks Sava!

I can confirm this bug. I also found that if I was using MIDI program change to switch from snapshot 03 to 02 or 02 to 03 it correctly updates the screen ui every time. Switching from 01 to 02, 00 to 01 or vice-versa did not update the screen however switching from 03 to 01 or 03 to 00 updated the screen just fine.

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