Pedalboard sharing

This week I’ve shared my first pedalboard and it worked pretty well. Thank you for this efficient function.

Two points that were not optimal for me:

  • I think the new pedalboard screenshot mechanism doesn’t take a screenshot of the current settings of the plugins, but just takes the default settings for the plugins. I really like to browse pedalboards and so this is a bummer for me. I like to check out other people’s pedalboards without my MOD.
  • Could you normalize the recorded audio ? My recording is very quiet - and I think that the volume of the pedalboard differs a lot for different applications. It would be great if the recording is changed to mono if the user just connects to a single output

Another point: it would be great if you could browse the beta plugins from the plugin overview


I like the idea of better browsability of the pedalboard to see the settings.

It could be cool if there is a way to bring up the pedalboard in the browser just like being connected to the duo, but can’t make any changes. Just click and see settings. And as @brusch wrote, the knobs and graphics should reflect the settings.

From what I understand of the code (without reading it) :grin:, is that the screeny is created by metadata submitted to the server (so created on the server). This is done to reduce the workload on your MOD device.
So, no wonder that default settings will be shown in the shot.
However, it will be easy enough to show the values in use on the detailed view of the pedalboard, were the values in use could be shown together with the plugs in use.
Also I guess that will be more helpful then trying to read the values from the screeny.

In the past we use to take screenshots using a headless browser (PhantomJS). That process was absolutely horrible and produced a lot of bad data.

Fortunately we were able to reimplement this and create the screenshot doing simple image manipulation. Not only it’s more efficient but a lot more reliable. One trade-off though was that we can no longer draw the actual state of the knobs and fw of the PB.

Showing the settings is not an easy task as there are frequently PB with hundred of them. Finding an efficient way to do it will be tricky. I like the idea of opening the PB in a read-only constructor and I can see how we’d actually do that. Just not something we’ll be able to handle immediately.

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