Pedalboard rename

Hello everybody.

I would really find useful the possibility to rename pedalboards, since over time it happens that you need to change your naming convention (many pedalboards, many projects and configurations) and you don’t want to lose and rebuild the banks - which would happen with the “save as new name + delete old name” workaround


Hi @dijio I usally resave a pedalboard with a new name and delete the old one.

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Thank you Kim - I’m using the same workaround, it’s just a little bit annoying to do on many pedalboards and the functionality is a nice to have, so I’m trying this Feature Request; thanks also to @SrMouraSilva that in our previous discussion Rename pedalboards - #2 by SrMouraSilva answered with the link to backend source code

It’s also possible to ssh into the mod and rearrange the contents of the files storing the pedalboards in any way that suits you.

It should even be possible to git the contents of the pedalboard files in order to be able to revert to any version of it :slight_smile:

I understand that it’s not a solution for everyone, but well… the Mod platform is from the start designed to allow advanced stuff :heart:


…that’s a good hint! I’m not so “nerdy” anymore because I don’t have so much time to invest, but once I used to be :slight_smile: will check, thank you