Pedalboard Power and the Mod Duo


I’ve been building a pedalboard that uses two Mod Duos along with a bunch of other stuff, and I’m trying to find a pedalboard power supply that could support Mod Duos; do you know of any pedalboard power supplies that can handle two Mod Duos?



yeah, i considered that a while ago… perhaps there’s something expensive/exotic that will do it, but most pedalboard power supplies don’t have the current capacity required.

so for now, i’ve got the DUO’s warty rat-tail hanging off my pedalboard.

i considered building a supply, to include something that could feed the DUO – wouldn’t be very hard, but not something i want to spend time on right now! :stuck_out_tongue:

i’ll be curious if you come up with anything!

I was looking for a pre-built solution for this (3x12V DC, overall 3-4A). But you won’t get a transformer power supply in this size with independent outputs.
i’d be interested in building it myself but i guess parts alone will be in the 40/50€ area and then i still need an encosure. And time. :confused:

Still almost on-topic: what power can the control chain supply? 12V? How many Amps?

For what its worth, when I asked how people were powering their Mod Duos with their pedalboards in the Facebook Mod Duo User Group, this is the single response I received so far; “I’m using a 9volt power supply with an Eventide adaptor which converts it to 15v (reverse polarity).”


It worth to mention that although the MOD Duo power supply provides 24W (12V @ 2A) the Duo itself requires less power to work, around 12W. Of course the consumption increases when you connect Control Chain accessories or USB devices to the Duo.


Hey, has anyone come up with a solution for powering the Mod Duo on a pedalboard? I’m building my own as well, and have the Pedal Power 4x4, but I don’t want to plug anything in yet in for fear of bricking my equipment. I have an HX Effects, HD500, and the Mod Duo all on the same board and don’t want to have to deal with plugging everything into a power strip anymore.

Ah never mind… I called Voodoo Labs and none of their products can power my equipment. I have decided to strap a power strip underneath my pedalboard and plug everything in. Ugh… oh well!

Has anyone ever powered the duo directly from a deep cycle 12V battery ?

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This month, I’m having a power supply built for my board that can handle 2 Mod Duos along with the rest of my pedals since I couldn’t find anything close to handling my gear of the shelf.

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I’m also interested in using a battery pack. I have a Roland Street Cube (portable amp) and would like to be able to the power the Duo while out busking. I haven’t found much good info from casual searching, but am hopeful that someone knowledgeable will be able to help. It seems like a 20000 mAh Li-Ion battery should be able to power the Duo safely for several hours but I don’t know if there’s any risk if the battery performs badly. I’m willing to purchase something to regulate voltage in between the Duo and battery but don’t know what I’d need.

Maybe the solution I’m after is a power inverter, so that I can just use the Duo’s power adapter. A lot more weight and volume to transport, not ideal, but I’d rather have something reliable.

I’m interrested in the outcome. Who will build it for you? How about the costs…? :wink:

I have a local builder in Portland, OR building my board for about $500 with the power supply and some other stuff that is slightly less than typical.

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The gigrig sells a great power system.
Here is the USA site:

Starts with the “Generator” and you use isolators and other step up/down and polatity inverters to make it to what you need. Great idea.

In theory a nice system.
But the manual paints a different picture. The 9V-12V Adaptor can only produce 520mA (up to 1A in short bursts). So not enough for the MOD. Still, maybe interesting for my moogerfoogers…

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Any idea by how much it increases? I have the beta footswitch, and also a bluetooth USB dongle for wireless control.

I’m in a similar boat. I’m looking to mount my MOD Duo on a (physical!) pedalboard along with:

  • a preamp requiring 18VDC 200mA
  • an EHX Nano POG 9VDC 25mA (the MOD Duo can achieve a near identical effect but only at maximum quality which sucks a horrible amount of CPU)

Given that the MOD Duo has pretty steep power requirements relative to normal stomp boxes, I’ve been struggling to find any unified pedalboard power supply which could cater to all of these.

That said, the power adaptor for the MOD Duo is pretty small and slim, so I guess I could just mount that underneath the pedalboard, and ditto for the other two, but then I have 3 plugs coming from the pedalboard instead of 1 :frowning:

Any ideas very welcome!

Have you tried this power supply yet? It’s an attractive price and the shipping from Hong Kong is more than reasonable.

So, I did a little experiment last night. I decided to see how many mA it would actually take to power my MOD (with footswitch). I used my 1spot Pro CS6, and used an output set to 12V along with a tip inverter extension. This output supplied 200 mA, and my MOD (and footswitch) worked just fine!

I won’t lie. I’m very surprised (and likely kinda dumb because I even tried this…)

So basically, it seems to run with a power supply of 12V, 200 mA?


Ah, battery power is a slightly different topic and it’s already a solved problem: Powering the MOD with an external 12V battery?

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Wow, that’s insane - that’s literally a tenth of the current the power supply provides, and a fifth of what @ricardocrudo said was necessary above… I’d have concerns over the reliability of running it that low, especially as CPU usage ramps up, but still - good to know! Would love to hear comments from MOD Devices folks on this.