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A place for us to list all the selected pedalboards of the week created and shared by our users.

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Week 1

We are excited to announce the Pedalboard Of The Week.
To celebrate the MOD user community and highlight the variety of ways the MOD platform is used to create unique musical ideas, the MOD team will share our favorite user creations from the pedalboards shared in the previous week on

We find fresh surprises uploaded daily and want to spread the word about how our users are using their MOD devices.

We want to run the pedalboard of the week on a weekly basis, yet for the first one, we made it for the last few weeks. So, please share your pedalboards with us :slight_smile:

For this week we selected “Brother Vannelli” from our user @redcloud.
Brother Vannelli” is a solid recreation of classic guitar tones both familiar and sought after. This pedalboard uses some of our building block effects - modulating delays, cab sims, shimmering reverbs, distortion and noise gate. Patched to perfection.
To spice it up, even more, @redcloud shared a video of his wonderful playing with us!

Try the pedalboard here.

(original post here)

Last, but not least, thank you so much @redcloud and all the other users for your kindness in sharing your pedalboards and videos with all our community. Keep them coming! :slight_smile:
We can’t wait to check/listen/watch the pedalboards that you will share next :wink:

Keep the creativity flowing :love_you_gesture:
MOD team


Week 2

This is just the second week that we are selecting a pedalboard created by our users and we couldn’t be more astonished by the creativity!

It’s starting to feel that it will be really hard to select a single pedalboard. The quest is particularly difficult when the pedalboards cover such a broad spectrum of sounds and tones the MOD platform is capable of creating… Everything from sweet blues guitar sounds to evolving bass sounds or mysterious synths made this selection surprisingly hard. This week we even had a pretty nice mandolin pedalboard!

Yet, we decided to select "AMP + PAD" from our user @Gino, a sweet guitar tone involved by a beautiful pad sound. A simple pedalboard, but a perfect example of the mix between the guitar and synth worlds, one of the great things that the MOD platform provides.

Well done everyone!

For the pedalboards that you have in the cooking to share, don’t forget to add an audio sample so other users can check quickly how it sounds :wink: A video would also be great!

Keep the creativity flowing :love_you_gesture:
MOD team


Week 3

Here we go for one more Pedalboard of the Week.

Once again, it’s impressive to listen the cool tones you get out of the MOD devices. It gets harder to keep selecting only one pedalboard when you share such cool rock or metal guitar tones, solid and groovy bass sounds or even evolving and technically super advanced synth setups. Putting everything “in the same bag” to select only one pedalboard sometimes feels even a bit unfair.

This week we decided to give a shoutout to @Kim and to the incredibly dreamy and inspired pedalboard that he shared with us…for a mandolin! What an unexpected sound and even instrument choice to pair with the MOD Dwarf, but what a great result he got on “2_MandoOrchestral”. Please go check it out, the sample that @Kim shared with us sound impressive!

Thanks all of us for your generosity sharing your pedalboard!

Next week we will come back with one more pedalboard that impressed us recently!
Please share with us if you have any cool pedalboards on your MOD device and don’t forget to add an audio sample! If you manage to push out a video it’s even better :slight_smile:

Keep the creativity flowing :love_you_gesture:
MOD team


Week 4

You are probably starting to get used to that Wednesday by the end of the afternoon (at least for those in Europe) means that we reveal another of our favorite pedalboards created by you. :slight_smile:

We can’t say that this week was any easier to choose a pedalboard than the previous ones. We really love what you guys are showing and it really makes us proud of the devices that we created, but most important of the great and so creative community that we have! :pray:
Yet, quickly after checking this week’s pedalboard, we fell in love with it.

This week we are back to the guitar world and for the first time we are picking up a pedalboard made to pay tribute to a great musician.
Spoiler :white_check_mark:
Most likely many of you already know the pedalboard that we are talking about :wink:

That’s right, our favorite for this week was “ZW JOHN MARTYN (no beta plugins)” created by @zwabo.
You can see the original post and discussion about this pedalboard here.

Below you can watch the great video that @zwabo shared. It does not only show his great guitar skills, but also the way that the pedalboard was set. Check it out:

Thank you so much @zwabo for such a nice tribute and thank you to all the users for your kindness in sharing your pedalboards with the community.

If you have any pedalboard made for the MOD Dwarf, MOD DuoX, or even the MOD Duo that makes you proud, please share it regardless if it is for a guitar, synth, vocal, or any other kind of setup. Don’t forget to add an audio sample and if possible share also a simple demo video :wink:

Keep the creativity flowing :love_you_gesture:
MOD team


Week 5

One more week, one more selected pedalboard from those that you have been sharing.

For this week’s pedalboard, we decided to go for one using a plugin that was long waited for many of you. We are talking about the Looperlative LP3.
This plugin was requested by many of you in our community and is a perfect demo of the big advances that our platform got in the last months - and also required them to become available. We are talking about features such as File Handling and HMI Widgets. Since this last feature is yet to be implemented on the MOD DuoX, currently the Looperlative is only available for the MOD Dwarf. Yet, we expect this to change on the next OS release.

Update done :white_check_mark: let’s move forward to the big reveal… :drum: :drum: :drum:

This week we want to give a big shot out to @yulroipanda and his pedalboard “Double LP3”. A great pedalboard and a perfect showcase of what you can do with the LP3. He manage to get a percussion part, the harmonic one and the lead one on a 1-minute track and only used different guitar techniques! Well done! :clap: :clap:

You can check the original post from @yulroipanda and the discussion about this pedalboard here.

On his pedalboard description, he mentioned some flaws that he faced with the plugin, but in such a new release we quite expect to get all this feedback from you so we can improve it in a possible future update. Anyway, this doesn’t seem to affect at all the music result of the pedalboard.

Thank you a lot once again @yulroipanda for sharing this pedalboard with us and thank you all for sharing your creations with us. It’s always super exciting to watch/listen to how creative our community is!
As always, if you have any pedalboard using the MOD platform that makes you proud, please share it with the community. If you don’t know how to do it check here. Don’t forget to add an audio sample and if possible share also a simple demo video :wink:

Keep the creativity flowing :love_you_gesture:
MOD team


Week 6

We can’t stop getting impressed by the pedalboards that you guys share with us!

This week’s pedalboard is perfect to demonstrate a few of the biggest strengths and innovations of the MOD platform.
A pedalboard designed to be played with a guitar, but that automatically turns into a kind of pad synth, taking advantage of CV plugins in order to create automatic swells that still sound organic.
(Learn more here about CV plugins).

The “bravo” of this week goes to the great “Auto Pad” pedalboard shared by our user @solaris76 :slight_smile:

Once again, thank you to all of you that so kindly have been sharing your pedalboards with the rest of the community! The special thanks go obviously to @solaris76 :slight_smile:

Go try out this week’s pedalboard and get inspired :slight_smile:
…and if you also have some pedalboards that make you proud, please share them with the community. Check here how to do it.
Don’t forget to add an audio sample and if possible share also a simple demo video :wink:

Keep the creativity flowing :love_you_gesture:
MOD team


Week 7

We couldn’t be more thankful to this incredible community!
The pedalboard that we bring you this week is a perfect example of how great, kind and generous this community is!

This week’s pedalboard is a prime example of a well-considered one with super documentation and creative forethought. The true spirit of the MOD community! Pedalboards like this help other users get inspired and educated about the possibilities of the system. It has it all… From the notes tools explaining each step, to the CV plugins enhancing the internal routing and modulation, to the Audio File player that helps enrich the sound. The results sound terrific and are easy to integrate.
On top of everything, there’s this awesome video that almost looks like a great ad for the MOD Dwarf.

We send a big thanks to @spunktsch for its kindness in sharing ZUGSPITZE R+ with us :slight_smile: :pray:

This pedalboard sounds awesome, makes great use of the CV plugins and the possibilities that they bring into the sound, uses an Audio File player that helps enrich the sound and, as if it was not enough, @spunktsch even shared an awesome video with us. A great ad to the MOD Dwarf :slight_smile:

Check the original post and discussion about this pedalboard here.

Once again, thank you so much @spunktsch for your kindness in creating and sharing all these materials with the MOD community :slight_smile: and thank you all for sharing your pedalboards and the ways that the MOD platform inspires you to create music.

If you have some great pedalboards for your MOD devices, please share them.
Check here how to do it.
If you can, please add an audio sample and if possible share also a simple demo video :wink:

Keep the creativity flowing :love_you_gesture:
MOD team


Week 8

This week’s pedalboard is the most outsider from the ones that we have been sharing for the last few weeks.
This time the pedalboard was not created for a MOD Dwarf but for the desktop big brother, the MOD DuoX.
The instrument used is also not conventional at all…a Swarsangam! (Search for what it is if you don’t know it :slight_smile: )

The big thank you this week goes to @Tulshi and his “Ambient Mega Board 1” pedalboard!

More than a great pedalboard, @Tulshi provided us with a beautiful and super chill performance video and another one explaining and demoing all his setup for his “New Tide” music piece.

Check them out! You will surely enjoy and get inspired - or simply have a pretty nice relaxing moment :wink:



And here you have the pedalboard to try it yourself with a Swarsangam (if you have one), or with any other instrument. Show us videos with the result :wink:

Once again, thank you @Tulshi for all the effort! Please keep sharing these great pedalboards and content with our community!

This week we also have some important info regarding the "Pedalboard Of The Week"

We are proud to tell you that we are opening this segment to everyone’s decision.

From now on the “Pedalboard Of The Week” will not be selected by us anymore, but by all of you.

We are implementing a voting system based on “likes” in our forum. Everyone is invited to share their great pedalboards with the MOD community.
The submissions are open from Monday to Monday.
On each week’s Monday, the pedalboard with more likes is selected to be featured in this section.
Go ahead and share those great pedalboards with us!

Check the “Pedalboard of the week” Week 9: SUBMISSIONS thread and submit the pedalboard for next week.
Please add a simple audio sample, an explanation of the pedalboard and if possible share also a simple demo video :movie_camera:

Keep the creativity flowing :love_you_gesture:
MOD team