"Pedalboard of the week" Week 9: SUBMISSIONS

Share here the great pedalboards that you have been working on for any of your MOD devices.

Check here how to do it.

Please add an audio sample and an explanation of the pedalboard (if possible share also a simple demo video) :wink:

Keep the creativity flowing :love_you_gesture:
MOD team


This bord has quiet some mixing capabilitys. There is a general bypass and dry/wet. Also there is an A and a B thread which can be mixed plus an aditional Filter for each. Both threads come together into a Reverb here. It can be fun on a Synths ´cause of the hand on controlls.


Sounds pretty cool! Thanks for sharing it with us :slight_smile:

Thx. The uploaded Version has a slight mistake in that it has a mistaken cable into the Delay. Is there a way to edit uploadded Padlebosrds? Or can you live witth it?

We can live with it :slight_smile: But if you want, just post it again saying something like “correction” on the name. you can also edit the link on your post here :wink:

I find the paddleboard list on the webpage already quite messy… I would ratther not use it for versioning… :slight_smile:
It could be a jump in overall Quality if people could refine theire boards on the webpage. Also starring and filtering would be grreat.


Indeed the pedalboard feed needs some improvements on its system. Stuff like tags, labels, likes and ratings would also help :wink:


Hi everyone

Unfortunately, the idea of making the weekly contest did not work as expected, so we will go back to the old model of selecting the boards.

A great thanks goes to @llorenzo who made the only submission :slight_smile:

If you guys have ideas on how we could proceed with this kind of effort, please share them with us. We would be happy to hear your inputs

Let’s keep rocking!!