Pedalboard Midi Locations?

I want to change the programs / Pedalboards via a midi device. I can send program changes to the device and change programs it seems, but i can’t find my pedalboards. Is there a midi map that tells you the Bank number for each preset?

You can open the banks menu by holding the left knob down and navigating through ‘banks’ on the controller display.
MIDI programs will load pedalboards based on the currently loaded bank (just load any random pedalboard from a bank to activate it).
The order of the pedalboards triggered by MIDI programs is the same that appears on the display.
The controller display does not know about the MIDI program changes though.

I have a bank. In that bank are 8 pedalboards that I have created and organized into an order from 1-8.
If I want to open the first pedalboard in my bank. I just send a pc0.
If I want to open a pedalboard that is number 5 in my bank I send a pc4


Seems to work great for me

Once the board is open are there CC changes that can be made like just turning on the overdrive or delay within the board?


Yes, that is possible, see our manual on how to do this:

Hope that answers your question.


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Thank you. Just curious, what are the actuator options that pop up in the drop down lists?


That depends on the parameter that you are setting up an actuator for:

Bypass/Toggle/Trigger: footswitches, MIDI learn
Enumeration (list): footswitches, knobs, MIDI learn (only if list with two values)
Value: footswitches (only for taptempo), knobs, MIDI learn

The wiki page has been updated to include a matrix version of the information presented above:


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what do you mean ?
change does not appear on the Mod Duo screen ? only sound change ?
thank you

ok, I have understand what you mean by “The controller display does not know about the MIDI program changes though.” => the Mod Duo display don’t show the pedalboard name wich is playing
but the pedalboard change is ok anyway, just the 2 display don’t show the change between the different pedalboards
(hope it will be fixed soon)
thank you falkTX for this information, it was very important for me

Marc - France