Pedalboard labelling conventions?

Just wondered what conventions people are developing for filing away and recalling their own pedal boards, including bank naming, patch naming, grouping together in different ways?

Mine started out being by instrument (6 string bass, 4 string bass and fretless) but once I found my ‘core’ sound, those are all blended. Same with ‘standalone’ use and the patches in my rack… they’re both the same thing now, but started out with me duplicating everything and labelling it as such.

What I’ve started to do today is number them - it’s funny that, freed from the need to use patch numbers to save things for the first time in my life, I’ve reverted to patch numbers as my brain has now had almost 30 years of conditioning to remember patch numbers AND names, not one or the other :wink: I also list what the three buttons on my pedal board that I’ve assigned to plug-in/on-off are doing on each patch - ‘dist/trem/verb’ - and mention whether or not there’s a looper in there and how many - LPx2.

The numbering system at the moment is starts at 101 for ‘normal’ sounds, 201 for pad sounds and 301 for weird shit :wink:

Banks are currently a bit of a mess… not sure how best to order things in there…

How are you structuring yours?




I use to have one clean patch for each of my guitars but I ended always using just one of those for all guitars.

With the MOD DUO as of now I have one pedalboard with a clean sound to plug into my real amp and a copy of this pedalboard adding amp and cab simulation and everything that can help emulate my analog setup This second pedalboard is to plug to a direct input of a mixing desk or computer interface.

I intend to have these two pedalboard merged into one more complex pedalboard that I will allow me to use both outputs of the MOD. One to my real amp and the other to a direct input.

I´m also starting to accumulate a bunch of “test pedalboards” and I have no clue on how to organize it.

I like your idea of numbering the pedalboards.:slight_smile:


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@solobasssteve i’m also just figuring out how to lable my pedalboards.
For the Pedalboard names i try to define what inputs/instruments are used and to name the effects that are essential to the board (i.e. SaxVoice +3/+8/Fuzz means Input1:Sax, Input2:Vocal, Harmonizer +3rd and +octave, Fuzz (overdrive))
Right now i’m using many different pedalboards for one set, since my boards are very cpu demanding (harmonizers).
Let’s say i need pedalboard A for songs 1 and 3-5 i duplicate it and put in each of the (identical) pedalboards any plugin that has a knob (for example “gain”), deactivate it, assign the knob and name the knob “Songtitle1” and for the second one “Songtitle3/Songtitle4/Songtitle5”. This way i don’t get confused on stage.
This is in no way elegant nor what the MOD team intended but it works for now.
It ofc changes for gigs where you don’t have a fixed playlist.