Pedalboard Identification on MOD Display

Hi Mod Duo team !

Is it possible to Display on MOD, what pedalboard is loaded ? Could be any kind of identification.

I know that maybe this could be already discussed, but now, I´m using the MOD on my reharsals, jam sessions, etc… I REALLY need to know what pedalboard is loaded. As I said, any kind of identification will be awsome.

In fact, when using on home studio, or with the browser interface, that´s not a problem, but when you are in a live presentation, or even in a jam or reharsal, it´s terrible not to know in what pedalboard you are. Ok… there is a lot of ways to know it, by sound, or something else, but, I insist, in a Live performance, with all the adrenaline and live sound of other instruments, a visual identification is really necessary.

One way to identify the pedalboard, that I´v been using, is, in one of the displays, I named some parameter of a plug in, with some identification of the complete pedalboard (the last parameter assigned, that´s open by default). Normally I´v been using in Gain plug in for that, The Gain plug in is present in almost all of my pedalboards.

If somepne has other ideas, will be welcome, but I´m really think that´s a necessary thing, I mean, show on MOD, some identification of the loaded pedalboard.

Thank´s again.


Yup, this would be REALLY handy…

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Just ran into this issue at a gig last weekend, stepped on footswitch 2 expecting a Leslie and got Fuzz instead :smile:, Displaying the pedalboard name would sure be handy especially when just using the MOD Duo by itself with several ‘mini-pedalboards’ without external footswitches. I also am not thrilled about the extra button pushes required to get to saved pedalboards now that banks had to move for the tuner (which is also an awesome must-have) but I realize this can’t be helped when there are only 2 screens and buttons to access and view menus.

Great suggestion!:wink:

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I was just thinking about this… you beat me to posting it… :smile:

Maybe the pedalboards can be shown on an iphone/ipad app.
I’m hoping that when the ipad/iphone integration is completed that it will follow the DUO since I will be making all the changes with footswitches. Pull up a pedalboard using your feet and the iphone screen will show it.

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I just had another idea…

Would it be possible to plug in a USB LCD screen, mouse, and keyboard to the DUO (use a USB hub) and make changes without a computer?

A tablet or smartphone is good too… but I thought it wold be neat to have a cheap screen rather than my iphone or ipad…
I’m guessing the graphics may take away from the processing needed for other functions…
Just a thought I was having…

well, the connection type would be the same (network interface).
so a custom application can always be made instead of using the browser.

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Hi @skydiver, That was some good ideas, but, I don´t know If I was clear, but the idea is just don´t have any other thing (only MOD) to show some Pedalboard Identification, specially in a LIVE use !! I mean, in a Jam, or in a Live presentation, you don´t have time to, I mean, you can´t get a smartphone, or anything else to see it.

I´m talking about play live, and use only the MOD, or even, the external footswitch from Moddevices, that will be delivery in some months.

When you just need to change some effect, or pedalboard, or bank… It´s so diffcult when you don´t have any identification of what pedalboard you are using.

Thanks again for the good ideas.


Hi @Mariva

I totally agree. I was just going on a bit of a tangent…

We really should be able to know which pedalboard we are on just by looking at the duo.

I wonder if, by default, the screen(s) show the pedalboard in use and not show any parameters. I, personally, don’t use the parameters in a live setting. They are there in case I need to make any last minute adjustments for the venue. If I have a parameter to use in performance it will be with an expression pedal or footswitch and not a knob.



Isn’t the obviuos work around for this to put the pedal boards name into the name of one of the parameters that you assigned to one of the actuators. LIke, if you asign the output volume to Mod-Knob-1 label it “Cab driver - Volume”? If you are not using parameters you could still asign, label and not use it?


that’s a really good idea - I’m going to try that :slight_smile:

also did that in the past.
But since i load all the boards i need for rehearsal/shows into a bank and adress the mod footswitches to change between boards, the pedalboard name is displayed at the bottom of the screen.