Pedalboard constructor web UI (re)loads very slowly sometimes

When loading the pedalboard constructor web UI for the first time in a session, or when returning to it from certain other screens (for example from the Settings screen), it takes many seconds to load. I can understand it needing to take a while the very first time, since it needs to cache images of various plugins and other web assets, but once those are cached, returning to that screen should really happen in under a second. It is already near instant when returning from any of the Pedalboards Library / Banks / File Manager / Plugin Store screens, so why is it soooo much slower when returning from Settings? This definitely feels like a bug to me.

Maybe a PWA would be a good way to make the UI faster?

A PWA would be very worthwhile even for other reasons, and it does require improved asset caching. But I think it must be possible to fix these slow reloads without converting to a PWA, because switching between the constructor and some of the other screens already works perfectly as noted above. This strongly suggests to me that the delay is simply a bug.