Pedal toppers

Anybody find pedal toppers for the mod duo? Its footswitch is the smaller version.

The foot switches on the duo have a diameter of 8.8mm so most foot switch caps will fit. I actually have some on my own Duo. The hole in the cap is 10mm so it is oversized but they have 3 set screws so you can tighten it down and keep it central. They quite easy to find using the search term “foot switch cap”. The one’s I bought were the first option I found on Aliexpress :slight_smile: I hope in the future we will offer our own as an accesory

Barefoot Buttons make a version 2, that are 8.5mm, but i guess that may be too small as the mods are 8.8mm?
Barefoot doesn’t recommend using the larger 10mm on the smaller switches, but good to know you have used them and have had no problems. Thank you!

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