Pedal riser for the Dwarf


My current setup:

It makes most sense to have the Dwarf at the back for access etc for now as I’m not using it in a band context but this makes access difficult.

Thinking of making some wood wedges to attach to the board on either side of the mod to lift it for better access. Just wondered if anyone had found an off the shelf option.

I have some really nice wenge and bubinga laminated wood from my bass neck that would look :fire: but weigh in a lot more than a plastic/metal bracket might.

Everything I’ve found is a little longer than the dwarf and I don’t have much room to play with!


@mrdinsdale It is a beautiful setup!

Pedalboard risers are available. It depends on the manufacturer and type of your pedalboard. See this, or this.

The Rockboard one would be perfect but it’s about 3cm too long and wouldn’t leave space.

The brackets look quite tall, I probably just need an inch or so elevation. I bet I could find something that would do the job at the local hardware shop thinking about it :raised_hands:

Will take a look and report back.

I had the DWARF at the front of my pedalboad and just used extenders for the ports I need.
For a clean setup I made junction box and put that at the back of my board. So I had USB, usb hub for the host port, 2 input and 2 outputs. Midi trs was fixed to another pedal.