Pedal no longer outputs audio?

I’ve got a pedalboard that’s suddenly not output any audio. Was working fine, level meters and outputs all still register normally, but the mixer plugin and the amsfluidsynth seem to both have no audio output. Happy to share the board somewhere if it’s useful — has anyone seen something like this?

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Hello @Dymaxion

If you think that your gain staging is ok then try just ditching the level meter plugins and see if the problem continues.
Also try to replicate the pedalboard without the beta plugins


(Fixed itself on a pedalboard reload, but somehow didn’t fix itself just by rebooting previously?)


Yeah, those aren’t the problem — they’ve been rock solid, they just don’t have UIs.


My best guess was that Calf Monosynth, which I had in the board briefly, fucked up the state of a bunch of stuff in really non-obvious ways that somehow persisted across a reboot, but not (separately) a reload of the board. Which doesn’t make much sense to me, but possibly it points out something useful to someone who knows the system better. Anyway, hasn’t recurred.