Pedal change logs?

Is there some way to see change logs for pedal updates? I will occasionally run “Update All” to keep my pedals updated, but it’s a bit scary blindly updating pedals that I depend on.

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There are no real changelogs for those, only Plugin updates in MOD Store

We’re very careful with what we push to the plugin store though.

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Aha! That’s perfect. I failed to find that topic in search. Thanks!

@falktx could we make that thread sticky?

it’s already sticky, but this forum only makes it sticky for you until you read it.

ah, I see. Thanks.

@falkTX I really love the awesome work you are doing, and I really appreciate the presence of this forum post, but as the size of the community and the number of plugins scale to bigger numbers, won’t this result in you becoming a bottleneck for announcing updates? What if someone else releases an update to a plugin? Maybe I’m missing something, but I think it would make more sense if it was possible for each plugin to independently announce updates and corresponding changelogs, rather than aggregate them across all plugins into a single location for announcement.

In fact, this is exactly how Google Play Store handles it, so you could take a leaf out of their book here. When you visit any app in the Play Store, it displays a “What’s New” section so you can see what recently changed. That’s a good start, it’s still annoyingly vague and incomplete, because it’s never clear exactly what changed or when or for which version. So moddevices could do better than google. Ideally it would break down the changes per release, specifying a) the version number of the new release, b) the date of release, and c) what changed. This is exactly what git supports natively via tags, and this is already taken advantage of by sites such as GitHub:

So why not do the same for plugins?

Going one step further, it would be awesome if plugins could adhere to Semantic Versioning, so that plugin consumers can make an educated decision about when it’s safe to update.


You are missing something, yes.
No single developer is able to push a plugin to the store right now without it passing through me. I am the one maintaining the configs regarding which plugins exist, which bundles they project, which ones are stable, etc.

We do not want to keep doing it like this. The intention is to have developers pushing and maintaining their own plugins.
When this happens, developers will be in charge of writing changelogs if they so desire.

Semantic versions already applies to LV2 plugins, in a way. But it’s not a requirement, a version is just a number in the end, so some developers forget, ignore or don’t care too much about versions.
As per google play store, versions of plugins will be dictated by the authors and not us.
We add a suffix at the end for the ‘build’ version, so the store knows about an update even if the official plugin version remains the same.

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OK, thanks a lot for the info! Looking forward to seeing this eventually become more decentralized.

Yep, that makes sense.