Paul's first pedalboard for bass guitar effects, thoughts and questions

Hi all,

I have just shared my first pedalboard for bass guitar effects:

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I plan to this live with my amp & cab (EA iAmp Micro 550 + Barefaced Super Midget) so I have not included any amp or cab simulations, instead focusing on the effects I am most likely to use: Chorus, Reverb (“ordinary” and “shimmer”), Delay, Fuzz, Envelope Filter, Sub Synth/Octave, along with a parallel clean signal.

I should note that I am not only new to the MOD Dwarf, but also in general to “proper” multi-effects - I have a Zoom MS60B and an older B2-1u but I have never used a tool capable of complex configurations with multiple parallel paths before and have very limited experience with e.g. compressors.

I added a crossover in front of the SubSynth in order to avoid sending it very low signals while still sending the lows on to the other effects.

Unlike most of the other effects I have tried I was unable to make the envelope filter (or autowah or similar) trigger without significantly increasing the input gain. Looking at Harry’s wahBass pedalboard ( ) I see that using an expander before and a compressor after allows me to get the sort of effect I was looking for without having totally different gain levels when the chain is enabled/disabled. I would be interested to learn if there are other approaches to this or if I am simply doing something wrong.

The remaining effects all seem to work “out of the box” - particular shout-out to the Shiro Shiroverb which does not really do what I was expecting from a reverb but is so cool I couldn’t take it off the board (although I have dropped the mix level to tame it a little). The OpenAV Roomy does exactly what I was expecting, so I added that too.

I am using a couple of TinyGain units (switched off) in order to control the layout of the clean signal cables. I wonder whether there is a better way to do this.

Another GUI related question is whether it is possible to somehow increase the “space” between the inputs and outputs so that I can zoom out and have more room to layout the units. Steve Lawson’s “Close to the limit” pedalboard suggests that it must be possible but I can’t see how to do this.

In general I am happy with the result so far but I would be interested in any advice you might have for improvements, alternative approaches.

Presently I do not have any external pedalboard or expression pedals but I think I am going to have to look into this fairly soon. I have seen what Smanth has done with the m-vave Chocolate and am also attracted to the Line6 FBV Express Mk II (since this has LED’s to show pedal status) but again, I would welcome any advice from the community.



as far as increasing space between pedals/layout issues, if you drag a pedal module so part of it is above the top margin of the screen, the entire window will zoom out so you can drag everything around and widen it a bit. I usually do this multiple times while working on a pedalboard.


Thanks @oeSmash that’s very helpful. I did in fact try to move a unit to the left of the screen but it seems I was not persistent enough - it works but you have to “let go” first.