Page Number & alternative function for snapshot buttons

What really would help me in the page navigation is a page number in the left upper corner of the left display:

I know, there are the colors. But my brain can handle text better. :grin:

And for some people this would make the MDX more accessible because of color blindness.

And to speed up navigating the pages it would be helpful to have an alternative function for the snapshot buttons to go forward to and backward faster.


This alternative function to move pages already exists!

Personally I’d love to be able to select pages over ControlChain. Then I can make a dedicated 6 button interface that can switch to specific pages immediately.


Release 1.10.0-RC4 - #15 by khz :grinning:

Under “Device_Settings > Pages_Mode” there are now the 2 buttons Mode, back and forward.


:+1: Hey, that’s cool. Thank you!

Definitely !!! A super needed improvement !

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I´d prefer a sollution in which you never need to press a button more than 2 times:
button 1: 1st press: page 1, 2nd press: page 2
button 2: 1st press: page 3, 2nd press: page 4
button 2: 1st press: page 5, 2nd press: page 6