Overdriving the output

With no connections but a straight wire from my input to my output, for some reason the loudest of my dynamic playing clips the output.

What’s strange is-- I’m not clipping the input, and not processing the signal in any way… but my level indicator on the input side is solid green, and the output side is yellow, peaking to red (and slightly clipping) if I dig in.

My input gain on both channels is 10%, and my output has always been at 100%… but I can’t quite figure out why this is an issue. I don’t recall running into it before.

Any thoughts?

This is the first time that I’m reading a report like this.
What device are you using? And which firmware version? Did you notice that after some update?

I’m running a MOD Duo, OS

I did update early because I wanted the new visual feedback and patch names in the pedal displays… I can’t recall noticing the issue before that.

I just noticed it a week ago, as I was splitting my L&R channels… all of the effects from the left input to the left output were bypassed but I was getting clipping on the output. To test, I created a blank patch that was just straight-wire: L-in to L-out, R-in to R-out, no devices at all, and the issue remained.

What is really strange is that the issue comes and goes, depending on a reboot. If I restart the device, sometimes the input and output levels match, and sometimes the output is peaking red. I was getting clipping yesterday. This morning I thought that I hadn’t tested the issue in bypass… but since the issue isn’t actually happening when engaged on this startup, I can’t test for it.

if you readjust the gains, go a bit lower and then a bit higher again, does it change anything?

That doesn’t seem to have any effect, but it seems dependent on boot. If I start the Duo and it’s doing the overdriven output thing, I can detach power and restart it, and it usually isn’t peaking the output after reboot.

I can’t imagine what’s changed between one boot and the next, but it does seem to fix the issue.

For some reason, the first boot of the day (after a long time powered down) has the overdrive issue. Restarting the Duo if I’m seeing the issue corrects it, and then it’s fine.

If you try to downgrade does the issue still exist?
If it doesn’t, I would try to update again and understand if it’s just a 1.10 problem or even if it gets totally solved.

Buenas, mi problema es el siguiente;

Mod duo device

Cambiando de preset (amp + cab + pedales), llegó a saturar tanto las salidas que quemó los motores de agudos de mis dos frfr headrush. Los tuve que sustituir.
Y a veces, sigue dando ese problema. Me llega a saturar las salidas en rojo al máximo. Lo compruebo sin tener los monitores conectados, para que no vuelva a quemarlos.

Cuando sustituyo la cab, desaparece el problema. Pero cuando paso de un preset a otro, vuelve a ocurrir.

¿Como puedo proteger las salidas de mod duo?
¿A qué es debido este problema?

Gracias de antemano y saludos.

Hello @manu,

I’m really sorry for the hassle but is best if you write in English here in the forum. That’s the best way to guarantee that everyone in the community can try to help you.
Please don’t worry if your English is not that good and/or if you need to use tools like Google Translate. It will make way easier for us to help you and you should not be shy to use it, after all, we are all here trying to learn and improve on something :slight_smile:

Out of what I can get from what you wrote, your problem seems to be related to the gain-staging setting that you defined on your MOD Duo. Try to decrease the output gain or the input gain if that is the case.
Please correct me if I misunderstood your issue