Overall equalizer

I got a new problem coming up yesterday during a Gig.
I set up my show like this:
every song has its own pedal board, i change them via midi.
Now the sound guy had prblms with my bass sound, the mids were too loud and resonated somehow. he could not get them out. (played it throug an amp (valve, just bass and treble) after the DI box).
Is there a chance to get something like an overall EQ thats nit changed by pedalboards?

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The Boss GT1000core had a Global EQ which was really handy for adjusting for rooms and equipment. It also had the ability to apply it to both channels or separate EQ per channel, really useful for anyone using 2 channels for different instruments rather than stereo.

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Does anybody know a workaround?

Don’t let this be the final word, but I can’t think of anything non-trivial or remotely practical. Someone familiar with coding could potentially tackle it by writing a script that would modify all the pedalboard files to insert an EQ plugin before the outputs (unless you want to modify them all by hand), but then you’d still need a way to update all the other pedalboards when you make a change. Since the filesystem is mounted as read-only, unless you’re able to build your own installation image that includes some custom code, you’ll probably need an external device with an ssh client to make updates on-the-fly. You’d need to run a script that would read the parameters values from the EQ on the current pedalboard, and update the EQ in all the others. …or something like that

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yes Inwas thinking of presets and absolut values. So the EQ should take the values from
a preset that is updateable if you edit it. if its just for one song dont update, if you hit update the other pedalboards grab their values from that updated preset.
If you dont want this, use absolute values…

if your midi controller allows it, you can change 2 values you need to tweak just after you’ve changed the pedalboard ?
I mean :

  • in the MOD :
    – put an EQ as last plugin of all your pedalboards
    – assign bass and treble to two CC messages
  • in you midi controller
    – assign a switch we can call switch X that send the 2 values your tech-sound wants to your MOD
    – for each switch that send the “change pedalboard” message, add after 10s push the X switch OR press the X switch yourself if you controller can’t make it

What do you think ?


yes this might be worth a try. I use the Nektar Pacer, and could think of rearrangeing its pages to have more options, like an EQpage with 5 frequencies +3 db and -3db… i just have to find out if i can send those CCs in a loop.

but the idea is good


Haha, I just go for the most profane solution.
As some Techs don‘t have Microphones for my Bassamp i use my Growling Krizzly now as an equalizer. Easy to handle and it has a DI box built in. As we say in Germany. Two flies with one clap :wink: