Output resistant to +48v?

Hey guys, i ordered mine a good week ago and i´m super excited since last year! but now i was wondering if the outputs can handle +48v phantom power?

cause it has a trs balanced output i would use two cables to go straight the mixer.
so from balanced trs jack to xlr.
i would assume in this case there is no need for a di-box but what if a sound engineer accidentaly switches phantom power on? will it destroy the board is that no problem?


Same question here. Any luck?

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I’m not sure to understand do you want to know :

  • if the 48v would kill de Dwarf (or ModX) ? → not confident enouth to try, sorry
  • if the Dwarf (of ModX) would be powered by the 48v ? → I’m sure that it is a no here
  • if the 48v crosses through the Dwarf (or ModX) and could power your (preamp’s) microphone ? → the 1st question should be answerd before I try this !

If anything gets switched on by accident, nothing should happen :slight_smile:

On the Dwarf and DuoX’s outputs, the last thing in the audio path is a capacitor that will block any DC voltage.


Thank you for your answer.
So the Dwarf can be used into a mixer with 48V on to power one or more mic, is it right?

I mean not only power on by accident, but intentionally used…

Not sure I fully get your question, but both the inputs and outputs of the Dwarf will block DC, so if your question is if a mic on the input of the Dwarf can be powered by +48V on the output of the Dwarf the answer is no.

Otherwise I’m not really getting the setup you are after :sweat_smile:


I think he means the outputs of the Dwarf being accidentally fed phantom power.

But I take this bit

probably means DC power will not enter the Dwarf via its outputs, correct?

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yes that’s correct!


Sorry for my bad explanation.
My question is: in a set-up where I link only my guitar to the MOD Dwarf and the Dwarf to a mixer via two (L and R) balanced cables (TRS male to XLR male) and the mixer has the phantom 48V on for any reason, is the MOD Dwarf safe or the 48V will break it down?
Thnak you…

It wont break down right away (I actually had this happen on for my own Dwarf for 2 days until I realized :sweat_smile:), but it is on the edge of the spec, so I would not recommend keeping it on, as it will reduce the lifetime of the output caps


Good to know!
Thank you very much for your answer, and sorry again for my bad!