Out of tune Midi

Hi all, I have an oddity going on. I have two midi keyboards going into my Dwarf, one via the midi channel and one going via the USB. If I plug them into synths, either 2 separate ones or both into one, then they are both around 1 1/2 steps higher than the note they should be playing, i.e. middle C comes out as a high C#. As it is happening with 2 totally different keyboards, connecting via different routes, I’m guess the problem is within the Dwarf, not in the units themselves. Is there an adjustment I can make within the unit? I tried using the Midi transpose plugin, but that only allows me to shift by one note.

I have almost no knowledge about midi, but could it be related to the clock source setting?

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Possibly - I know little myself.

Then use the big button left from the dwarf’s display → go to “settings” with the middle button → go to “Sync” → the Clock Source is set to “Internal” on my device.
You could try whether it makes a difference if you select “midi” or “internal”

But I’m just guessing :sweat_smile:

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I remember there was some kind of 1-off error with midi, because some controller start counting with 1 and others with zero. But I don’t know if that is related to your problem…


That sounds possible

Never had this with the any Mod device. I would try to see if you can change transpose on the midi controller itself. I have this problem on the school I work that one piano is always a semitone to high and needs adjusting. Hope it`s not something contagious :wink:

I have never noticed anything like that on my MDX, while I played a lot with midi capabilities of MOD.
Considering that both keyboards are affected, I would bet on one of your keyboards sending unwanted pitchbend data.
Due to the nature of the MIDI protocol, pitchbend is a separate message, and if one keyboard had sent it at one moment - synth would get that pitch offset for notes triggered by other keyboard as well.

To test the idea, try to check the result with the only one keyboard connected at a time, and try to move pitchbend wheel a bit, to reset values that could be left from the another keyboard.

P.S. I’ve just noticed this part - “either 2 separate ones”, but my guess can be still valid, because even if the keyboard sending faulty pitchbend had been disconnected, synth will still remember the last pitchbend message received.


Could be a stuck Pitch Bend. Have you tried using the Pitch Bend wheel on either keyboard? That might reset it if that’s the issue.


Turns out those who said “pitch bend wheel” were all probably right, it was certainly one of the keyboards causing the problem - I unplugged it and all returned to being in tune. Thanks all.