Ottobit Jr Merris


Is there a plugin similar to this pedal?

Bit reduction, filter, sample rate, stutter and a sequencer type affair

I’m wanting to order one, but my duo x finally arrives Tuesday, so if this is emulatable then I won’t :grin:

I have a feeling it’s more likely that all the separate parts will be there that you can assemble yourself. Rather than an all in one like that pedal :slight_smile:

If you do put it together yourself, please do share it. I’m sure others would love to play with it!


there’s a slicer that can cut your sound, then you’ll have assemble few effects to get the sound you’re looking for, with ring mod, bit decimator, distortion…



My assumption was the pieces of the puzzle are already there, and I suspect that I’ll be able to bring in some pieces that improve on the idea.

The two things it has, which I would wonder about, are the step sequencer for each effect, and the half speed function. Being able to sequence that particular effect, is of real interest.

As @danmh and @Julien said, there’s not really a single plugin with all of that. But there are plugins to do all of that :slight_smile:
The cool thing is that this allows you to “spice up” the things and get a result even better (or at least more versatile) than if you have it all in a single plugin.

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Excellent. Really looking forward to waht I can do!

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