Oscilloscope/spectrum analyzer plugin request

Hey fellas!

Seeing as Korg is dropping a hardware oscilloscope that I almost bought but canceled (got a desktop patchbay).

I would like to request plugins focusing on audio spectrum analysis and an oscilloscope.

The Korg unit has great functionality, but that can be replicated on the mod platform as far as I can discern.

No idea if others would like this feature, but I’ll make the request for my own personal needs.

Hope all is well!


Heya @Elk_wrath!

There is already a little spectrum analyser available from the plugin shop: Spectrum Analyzer - MOD Devices

Mapped the request for the oscilloscope :wink:


Look at me asking for stuff you’ve already done, that’s gotta be a good feeling on your end haha

That being said, thanks so much for considering an oscilloscope for the platform!

You can make a lot of these new devices obsolete with the great plugins already coming down the pipe.

To compete even further, I’d request an FFT mode on that spectrum analyzer if it doesn’t have the functionality yet.


Also need to release a set of probes with 1/4” connectors :sweat_smile:


Forgive my ignorance, but if this is handled digitally, couldn’t the input cables be used for this at the beginning of a chain, or even the CV inputs of the MDX?

The Korg NTS-2 doesn’t use probes, just 2 TRS stereo inputs, as far as I’m aware. Both 6.3mm to 6.3mm cables, or 6.3mm to 3.5mm TRS cables would work for that

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Oh, I think you’re correct. The idea of some custom physical probes was just amusing to me. Sorry for the unnecessary confusion :upside_down_face:

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Don’t worry, can’t tell you how many custom MOD device products I’ve pitched lmao


Probably would be too big of a change to display the waveform on the built in screen.