Option to use buttons as controls and not for sub pages

Option to change the behavior of the sub page buttons so they become available as simple assignable control switches. Meaning, no sub pages - just a single set of controls per page.

Instead of 3 sub pages per page, each having only 3 knobs and 2 global footswitches there would only be a single ‘sub’ page per page that has 3 knobs, 3 buttons and 2 footswitches.

Most of my pedalboards are fairly simple - I’m using the Dwarf to process the audio from my synths - and often it would be better to have 3 knobs, 3 buttons and 2 footswtiches instead of having to go to different sub pages to access just one or two extra controls.

Examples are things like a filter - it would be great to have the filter frequency control on a knob and a filter bypass switch directly below on a button. Same goes for tempo control - we could have the BPM set by a knob and the transport (Rolling) state on a button directly below it.

Something like the attached image.

(I appreciate most folks seem to want more controls, not less, so this might fall on deaf ears.)