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The story of the onyx amplifier started in 2014. A young engineering student, with a passion for vacuum tubes, began designing his own guitar amplifier. It didn't take too long before the first prototypes were made. After countless hours of tweaking and tuning, the amplifier was finally done. It was the birth of a three channeled tube amplifier, with a seperate pre- and power amp. The idea of making software plugins started right after being introduced to the world of digital signal processing. It took an internship and the introduction to the LV2 standard to turn this idea into reality. The Onyx plugin is based on this beast from the past. Translating this amplifier turned out to be quite the challange. There were three main objectives that were very important. The sound had to be as close to the original as possible. The three channels of the origial amp had to be been combined into a single channel. This resulted in a minimalistic control layout that has been carefully tuned to give users the same broad range of sounds. The gain control, in combination with the clipping stage, creates unique distorion sounds that range from a sparkly clean sound all the way to modern metal. The character knob controls the voice of the amplifier. The sound will be: - warmer when the knob is set to eight o'clock; - transparent when the knob is set to twelve o'clock; - bright when the knob is set to four o'clock. The traditional BMT tonestack, found in many famous amplifiers, finds it's place in this amplifier as well due to it's wide toneshaping characteristics. With only three knobs you will gain control over a vast landscape of sounds, matching the minimalistic design aproach. getting started with the Onyx won't take much effort. A few tips and tricks to get the best sounds out of the Onyx with little effort: - Add a noise gate as the first pedal in your signal chain. - Add a boost pedal infront of the amplifier. - Using the MOD vintage and modern cabinet in parallel will create a thick and rich wall of sound. - place delay and reverb effects at the end of the signal chain. VeJa Plugins

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