One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer sound

I’ve been researching the guitar sound on this record. I understand it’s from a ES-125 hollow body. I love the sound. I have an EPI LP with p-rails which gives an option for P90 style pick ups.

I can’t justify buying a hollow body :frowning: Any advice on getting a pedal board on the dwarf to emulate that sound? I realise I can’t match the sound but close would be good enough.

I think George Thorogood used a fuzz face too into a cranked fender amp. But not sure if I can get the hollow body sound.




The cool challenge for our community :sunglasses:
Could you share some Youtube links or so with the track that you would say “this is the tone I want”?

Rhythm guitar that George is playing


On a really quick check I would say that something that sounds nice on the mid range. Maybe take a look on the Cream Machine if you didn’t yet as a power amp. Between an Onyx amp and a Marsh 1960 cabinet or a Modern Rock you may have a nice starting point :wink:

Thanks Jon - I’ll give that a go.

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