One critical thing missing

We have a nice engine and very nice people doing modelling/training with great results…
but one critical thing now missing - where are the sound demos? :guitar: :metal:

When looking online for aida-x related content, I mostly see news in regards to aida-x announcement/press-release, and content from the forum.

So I thought of creating this topic, to bring it to our attention.
On my side I can do some beginner tutorials regarding downloading, installing and using aida-x on a DAW, Reaper seems to be quite popular.
What do you think?



I agree with you.

Related to specifically about sound demos of the shared models into this forum, to amenize this situation, I will suggest you a workaround: embed the aida-x into this forum at some way that it could be possible to use the .json shared files into it. Maybe with an additional option where a user can record some seconds of their instrument using the web browser capabilities. But some default audio (that the AIDA-X Online - MOD Audio website already has) would be great.


Along similar lines, I was thinking about how we would publish pedalboards on the pedalboard feed. Since the .json files are not included in the pedalboard, what’s the best way to reference them? Will there be permanent URLs for the .json files?


You don’t talk about me I suppose :sweat_smile:
I’ve already done a song with AIDA-X on Dwarf

Anyway I wanted to make another demo video but using AIDA-X as AU Plugin with logic, and I tried all the possibly solutions: uninstall, reinstall, clear all my plugins and reload them. Nothing.
It seems that is correctly installed in the plugin manager, but on tracks is not usable.

Is there any user here with an M1 and Logic that use AIDA-X to give me some ideas?

the json model is part of the pedalboard, at least for the active one.

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I can make it so that we are able to pass a URL as file location, which gets downloaded and used as the default model. same for the IR cabinet… :thinking:

But this is only a half step perhaps.
For one the web-assembly online plugin does not work well on phones.


Oh, that’s great! Thanks for confirming. This makes sharing much more reasonable.

New demo, premiére today at 22.00
@falkTX @gianfranco @madmaxwell @spunktsch