OLED displays as a future upgrade option?

I’m in love with my Duo X. But I find the current display rather… ugly. I guess that this is partially subject to production variance but the displays are slightly differently tinted and increasing contrast and brightness over 50% amplifies this effect and also adds weird artifacts.

I think OLED displays would dramatically increase the aesthetics of the hardware. But I know that they’re more expensive and might also not equally durable.

What do you think?
And out of curiosity: How much effort would it require modding the current hardware with OLEDs, especially on the hardware side?

yeah i feel the same pain with the displays… would love have an alternative…

I totally agree about the display being ugly ! I could not believe MOD had chosen such a poor display while there are so many other solutions that would have been much better and not much more expensive…

Optional: Is it possible to connect a monitor to the Mod and have what the display shows on the device shown on the monitor more clearly?

Yeah that’s possible. Just connect the MOD device via USB to a PC and open the web interface in a web browser :stuck_out_tongue:

I only meant a monitor, without a PC in between.
I also meant the display of what is shown on the Mod Duo, not the GUI of the web interface.
But if that makes sense, I don’t know.

I love my Duo as it is but certainly would shell out a few bucks for better displays, too. With the mainline kernel getting closer this might be relatively simple and open and avenue for creating revenue.

Also curious