OK, the footswitches are awesome! Now ExPedal questions


Kudos and congrats to the MOD team for the footswitches, so far for my relatively simple needs they are working great! Very much worth the wait! *tips hat

I was wondering since the Expression Pedal design is being revisited and started from scratch if there would be any rationale for having an extra footswitch incorporated into the Expression Pedal base design? I can think of a couple of scenarios where it might be nice to have a footswitch located at the pedal…

I enjoy the SetBfree whirl leslie simulation and it might be nice to have a footswitch to go from chorale to tremolo mode and then use the ExPedal to modulate the drum and horn rotor speed, or perhaps if you are using the ExPedal for a wah it might be nice to have a footswitch to engage a gain boost or fuzz/distortion right on the ExPedal itself, or even to have a footswitch to turn a gain plugin on and off and use the ExPedal for volume swells. I’m sure there are many more imaginative scenarios where the ability to footswitch an extra mode or parameter in very close proximity to the expression pedal would be handy. I know for myself just having a bonus extra footswitch just cuz will never be a bad thing.

Anyway I don’t know how far into designing the Pedal things have gotten but I thought I might suggest this idea.



You know what would be cool… A motorized expression pedal… like a motorized fader…

I was just thinking about how an expression pedal wouldn’t be at the right place when I open a new pedalboard… Just a thought… probably isn’t worth the expense.

On the same thought… maybe a big knob digital knob (like the one used in the Duo would be the way for these types of adjustments. The big knob would let me make adjustments with my foot. (like the nose pedal) I’m guessing with the Arduino we can put a small lcd screen to tell us what parameter it’s adjusting. Since it’s push button we can assign as many functions to it… but may not be good for adjusting with the foot since it would be too easy to push down. Maybe a footswitch to the side…
So many possibilities…

Maybe look like this with a screen…

Well, this would certainly be cool and space-saving! Perhaps one could even build it at home with the Arduino shield? I’d go with a vertical wheel though. Has been invented already, e.g. here,
here and here.

@Skydiver: is the encoder on the pedal you showed there “endless” or does it stop somewhere?

@Skydiver @eggsperde

Also a great idea but are you talking about having 2 types of Expression Pedals? I’m certain I would still want a traditional rocking (pun intended) footpedal as at least one of the options, not only a vertical wheel type, I think something like a wah or volume swells would be very clumsy and imprecise with a roller wheel.

@eggsperde - I was thinking of an endless encoder for those things like making adjustments to the current volume or other levels. For things that are already set but just need a little increase or decreasing. With a rocker it would jump to where it’s set.
The vertical wheel would be awesome. I agree that they would be easier to adjust over a horizontal one.

@GMaq - I agree that for wah or volume swells the rocker works best. I’m thinking of adjusting things like output volume, gain levels, cross fades, etc… things that would already be set at a certain level and just want to adjust from that original position just like when making adjustments on the knobs on the Duo itself. This would just let me adjust on the fly without bending over.

Perhaps if the expression pedal has a display like the knobs on the DUO, then you can see the value and that its changed even if the pedal is not in the same spot. There are several ways the pedal could behave when that happens though, and I’m not sure what the best behavior should be. A motorized pedal would actually avoid that issue, but seems like it would be cost prohibitive. Perhaps they just plan that the value will prioritize the pedal position rather than the preset. That might be best actually.

I was thinking of an expression pedal with a display. The expression pedal could only change the setting once it crosses the current setting but that would only be good for going in one direction. What if you want to bring it down?
A motorized expression pedal would be so cool… but it’s probably very expensive to make… but would be really cool… This is why I thought of the endless encoder with a display would be great. Also a button to the side so you can assign multiple functions to it and scroll through them with the button.

The other option may be a pressure pad type of thing like the KM SoftStep pads… or one for up and another for down.
This idea gets me thinking that maybe it can be done with the current footswitch extension… set one for up and the other for down and a third button for scrolling through functions assigned…


Any news at all on the redesigned expression pedals?

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Hi @GMaq you should follow this topic https://forum.moddevices.com/t/expression-pedal-footswitch-extender/423/62 . Right now we’re maybe looking at Christmas :smiley:

In my mod usage I want to use a lot of loops, so my hands are more free.
Therefore more than something motorized that would fade, I’d like something I click on, and that programmatically fades according to the parameters I have set.

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Hi y’all. Quick check in to see if the expression pedal is still set to be sent out in the coming weeks?
Really keen to get working with it.
Thanks in advance.

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