Odd UI behaviour [SOLVED]

I’m in the early stages of developing a lv2 plugin.
I’m running a UTM vm of Debian 11 on my Mac M1.
I’ve installed the mod-plugin-builder and done the steps to bootstrap it … I can compile any of the plugins.
I’ve also installed jack/mod-host/mod-ui/browsepy (most recent versions as of today) and they start/run OK.
I am able to point a browser at this vm and see the MOD UI and the plugins that I’ve built.
The ODD thing is that, unlike on my Dwarf (and a Pi system I’ve built in the past) I do not see the number of plugins in the UI, as you can see here:

Rather than “All” I’d expect to see “All (13)” (or similar)

Has anyone seen this behaviour?
Any ideas as to why it is happening and how I can address it?
S’manth x

It’s got to do with the zoom level. If you zoom out a bit, the numbers will appear. It’s a downside of the vm…


Perfect … one Cmd- (zoom out) and the numbers appeared as you said.
Thank you!

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