Occasional earbursting irritating Sound

I have a pedalboard which produces a really irritating earpopping sound every now and then, when loaded.
Most of the time it works fine and it is one of my favourites. Used it for intro of one gig.

How to reproduce

after loading it several times (between 5-10 times) it will create a very disturbing sound that will onely stop when changing the pedalboard.
Be very cautious with your gear and ears when trying it out!
Couldn’t figure out what causes it.

Expected/suggested solution

Pedalboard loads without making disturbing sound

Created and used on Mod Duo with various releases (1.9 , 1.10) always with the same habit.

Likely caused by one of the plugins. They are up to date, right?

Hello @roughael,

I have time to investigate a bit…
First: How hot is the signal coming into the Mod Duo?
Does the input LED turn green or yellow?
This might not yet be related to the problem you have, though.
If I feed my mod with a prerecorded distorted guitar meaning input leds are changing from green to yellow, I easily let the output leds turn red.
I suggest to not use the Lowpass Filter in 3rd oder or to decrease the tiny gain at least about 6dB.

Now to those irritating sounds, let me be a bit nerdy technically here: If there would be RAM space left over that contains audio material and any of the pedals would claim this as a starting point… a wild guess and maybe totally unrelated…

Greetings and God bless, Marius

@falkTX I now found out that the update all function didn’t work (got the message that all plugins are up to date which isn’t the case), so I updated every plugin that’s in the pedalboard “manually”.
I tried now loading the pedalboard a lot of times and also loaded several different ones in between and I couldn’t reproduce the bug, so maybe updating the plugins did do the trick. I will observe this and report, if the bug occurs again.
@mj_prod I’m coming in the Duo with my guitar clean as it is. LEDs only turn yellow when hitting the strings very hard. Tiny gain is for tweaking if output gets distorted too much. I have the lowpass at the and, so I also have controll over the very long reverb when I stop playing.

I was thinking something similar, that some signal “from before” gets fed in, when loading the pedalboard, thus leading to some misbehaviour… but yeah also a wild guess :sweat_smile: